Orlandroid FLA

I’d love to know who scheduled a conference in Orlando, Florida, in the last bit of June.  Especially one that I have to attend.  I imagine his reasons have to do with the offspring of a Hippo, and Elephant, and a Rhino.

In other words, Helifino.   Yes, it is fourth grade all over again! Anyway, it’s hot and humid down here.  Or up here, depending.  Too hot to be terribly clever about anything. 

But they largely shuffle us between air-conditioned hotel and air-conditioned convention center (which is massive) so it’s okay for the most part.  Except for the fact that my hotel room is on the 18th floor.  Have I ever mentioned I have a fear of heights?   That’s borne in on me whenever I think about it (weird dreams about driving along the sides of cliffs) but for the most part it doesn’t worry me.   At least I won’t be going next year, when it’s going to be held in Austin.   That’s going to be even hotter, one imagines.

So, back to that.  If you don’t hear (or haven’t heard) from me, it’s because I’m busy with this stuff, not because I fell off the Earth.  Although that might happen, too.  That would probably end up being in the newspaper, though.  So you’d know, then. See you on the front page!  And thanks for your patronage.


3 thoughts on “Orlandroid FLA

  1. Hey, Cheryl – the -wife and family now lives in the Orlando area. If you see her – tell her that I said “tthhhhppptttt” 🙂

  2. The wife Cheryl and family live near Orland, now (in Davenport). If you see her, tell her that I said “ttthhhppppttt” 🙂

  3. Honest, FLA is hotter than Austin.
    But ATL is hotter than both of them…especially right now when it’s not making up it’s mind if it wants to all burn to pieces or smother it’s inhabitants with humidity.
    I’m going to Nag’s Head to get away from it all.

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