A Far Better Resting Place

Updates, already pretty sporadic, are going to be even more so for the next month or two.  We’re undertaking a huge project at work and the installers are arriving next Monday.  How about some pictures in the interim?

This one’s not safe for work, though pretty mildly so. 

That’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon we hope.


3 thoughts on “A Far Better Resting Place

  1. Cute comic cover. The second drawing above reminds me of my old job (right around the midnight deadline cutoff).

  2. Wow. If I could draw half as good as that I wouldn;t be trying to be a writer…. Love the top one especially.

  3. Eight days and only now do I notice the Silver Surfer in the second picture.

    Observant, aren’t I?

    The hands look very good. I am definitely envious of that…

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