Do YOU Know About Season Fairies?

I think Sugar got herself a bit lost the other night.  Here’s what the landscape ’round these parts looked like, around 12:30 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning.  Bear in mind, this is April 7th/8th in North Carolina.

Snow in April!

The next morning, we had this.  Also bear in mind, I’m “on call” this weekend, so this sight didn’t cheer me at all.

Much as I love Sugar, I hate snow.  Fortunately, by the time noon rolled around, Salt had popped by and done his bit for Season-Fairy-dom. 

Thank you Salt!

Who knows where the snow went, and so quickly?  (Organ sting) Mwa ha ha ha ha, the Shadow knows!

So that’s the weather report for this first weekend in April.  I’ve actually got some painting updates to post, so I appreciate your patience while I bore you, and thanks for stopping by, as always. 

2 thoughts on “Do YOU Know About Season Fairies?

  1. oh. good. lord.
    That is nuts!! It was heckacold down here in the dirty-dirty, too, thankfully there was no snow. I would have had a conniptionfit.
    the 5000+ pollen count was bad enough.

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