Appetite for Construction

Guess what, I’m still not dead!   I’m actually on what is laughingly called “Spring Break,” which generally translates to “lots of work.”

For example, this week has been taken up with building a half-pipe.  This is not a hash pipe; it’s something skateboarders use, and I agreed to help build one.  After a few hours, I sure wish it was a hash pipe.

More in future, and thanks as always for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Appetite for Construction

  1. All I know about skateboarding I learned from the Tony Hawkv Video Game. Which leads me to wonder why skateboarders need half-pipes anyways. I mean, I was skating along electrical wires in the game. Can’t the real deal do that in real life?

    (I swear, as God as my witness, I still sometimes look at a stairwell and say to myself “Hey! I could grind on that!” As if I’ve ever been on a skateboard in my life. Handing me a skateboard would be sort of like handing me a loaded gun. Before you know it there’d be a loud noise, someone hurt, and me with no memory of just what went wrong…)

  2. Cullen, you made me choke on my minty fresh icecream, too funny.
    All I learned from skate boarding I learned from that one Tony Hawk commercial on TV.
    (“What’s tony hawk doing on the freeway?”
    “360 Front slide nosegrind.”)

    And all I learned about hashpipes Weezer taught me. ~grins~

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