Would You Buy A T-Shirt From This Man?

…More than likely not, since people on the internet rarely have money, and when they do, they spend it on sensible things, like smoking mice, Bluetooth-enabled diapers and anime-flavored houseplants.  Nonetheless, I decided to put up a shop anyway whereupon some of my graphics could be on T-shirts and mousepads.  I then put those designs on those selfsame T-shirts and mousepads. 

It’s open for business right here.

At the moment there are five T-shirts and three mousepads.  I’ll probably make more in due time.

Do I expect to make any money with this?  No, not at all, especially considering that I raised the prices less than a dollar for the “profit.”  But the site is free, so who cares?  Maybe after a hundred years or so I’ll get a check in the mail.  It could happen!

You’ll note that I didn’t use CafePress for this tiny endeavor.  The reason for this is quite simple:  CafePress sucks.  I set up an account there and created a T-shirt, then thought I’d create another with a different design.  Ooo, sorry, if you use the free version of CafePress (see above, how people on the internet don’t have any money) you get to make one T-shirt.   If you want to make two, you have to pick a different product that’s almost a T-shirt.   Like the green T-shirt, that colors everything green!   Perfect if you draw a lot of leprechauns.  I don’t actually draw a lot of leprechauns, myself.

Either that, or upgrade your account so you pay a monthly fee.  Then I guess you can do what you like.  Well, if I’m going to pay money for something like that, there ought to be the remote chance that I’ll make some of that money back, somehow.  After all, I’ve got my own downloadable shoe-polish to buy.

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