Wii Wii Wii All The Way Home

Ubu Roi links to Fledgling Otaku’s link of a link, um, where there’s a link showing some people bowling. 

Only they weren’t, really.  They’d hooked up their Nintendo Wii to a giant theatre system, and they had screens the size of a wall.  So there weren’t any bowling balls, no pins, no stubby pencils.  But on the walls surrounding the players, the bowling alley, the pins, and possibly the stubby pencils, looked life-size.  And I imagine the strikes, spares and scores felt very life-size as well.  (And no worries about renting nasty squishy shoes.)
As I noted in a comment, I think we’ve seen the first Holodeck.  And I felt a bit creeped out by it—after all, we spend all our time indoors anyway, do we really need to make our indoors look like other indoor places? 
Well, um, yes, cough.  So.  While I was a bit creeped out, I was also a bit intrigued at the same time.  Thus, when I was in Sam’s Club this weekend, buying food for the Devils, I happened to see that they had a whole section full of Wiis.  (Is that the plural?) 
The intrigued bit of me moved my hand, despite the creeped-out bit of me.  And suddenly there it was in the shopping cart.  And I bought a Wii.
I can hear you say, “Why?”
And I say, “No, no, Wii…at the back of the throat, like this.  Wii.”
Ha ha ha, I’m such a card.  My Python-Quote-Mastery knows no peers!  Well, a few of them, yes.  Actually most of them. 
Anyway, the question “Why?” is certainly a valid one.  I’ve said on many occasions that I am teh suxor at games.  I’ve got an Xbox, which I’ve never been good at.  I rarely switch it on, because I am tired of its rattling laugh when I hold the control pad.
The only “game” game (I’m not counting the many variants of Solitaire) that I was ever good at was the first Descent.   Man, I killed at that game.  Supposedly it had an early version of AI and I can fully believe that:  you know, it’s a totally awesome feeling of power to watch huge attack robots back away from you, because you are such a nutzoid that they are scared of you. 
It’s like seeing a huge German Shepard backing away from a loudly barking Dachshund.  You can almost see the larger dog thinking, This guy must know karate or something  I’m not risking my neck, no sir.
Well…yes, that was a bit of a diversion…sorry about that.   It happens round here.  I think it’s a good example of a paradigm shift.  (I hope.)
Anyway, I’ve got a Wii now.  And I set it up, and browsed the internet with it, and it really did feel pretty cool holding that control thing and making it do my bidding.  It’s very different from the Xbox thing.  Maybe, maybe I’ll get good at games. 
Stop laughing.   It could happen!  (Paradigm shift, hello!  Hello?)
Incidentally, when I opened the box, there was the strong and unmistakable scent of pine trees.  I wonder if they were hiding these around Christmas time, to make the market price pop upward.  It might explain a great many things…like, how come there aren’t huge aisles of Wii stuff?  Did I back the wrong horse again
I know I say it too often, but here it’s appropriate:  AAARGH.


One thought on “Wii Wii Wii All The Way Home

  1. It’s a bit early to say the Wii’s a flop, I think. The system was released last year around Christmas and needs a while to grow.

    Had you said you picked up a Playstation 3, then I might be singing a different tune. Sony’s really dropped the ball on it, what with the massive price tag, and it only been recently that I’ve started hearing good things about it. With the Wii (and, for that matter, the X-Box 360), word has been very good so far.

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