Porridge Works the Same Way

I think I’ve figured out why posting has been so sparse of late.  It’s not from lack of trying–I have a half dozen or so entries half-written-out.  No, I think it’s more environmental. 

With a bit of luck, I’ve rectified that situation, and I ought to make more regular appearances here.

The reason is fairly simple. Of the two extremes in temperature, most folks have one they can tolerate and one they cannot stand. For some, being too cold is fine, but being too hot is unbearable. For others, vise-versa. I’m one of the vise-versas.

I can’t stand cold weather. It makes me wrap the bedclothing tightly around myself like I’m swaddling a mummy. I want to shrink down into whatever meagre pool of warmth is left, and not leave, ever. It’s an effort to get out of bed, get dressed, drive to work…all that. I feel the way Frankenstein’s monster must have felt when he first stepped off the table onto that cold laboratory floor…also, it’s the big Algebra final and I haven’t studied and I’m only wearing my underwear. But that’s as maybe. The thing is, the other extreme–being too hot–while more tolerable, carries its own difficulties. Most especially, lethargy. When I’m too hot, I don’t hate the situ, but most of my energy is taken up getting from the bed to the couch, then making the return trip.

So. A couple of weeks back, when I was still shedding the flu (but not yet completely flu-shed), I was coughing my head off, wanted to tear my own throat out, and kept eyeing the acid-bath I’d installed on a whim with envious eyes. I thought: I might at least be comfortable temperature-wise. So I raised the thermostat a notch.  And it stayed that way throughout the healing process, and beyond.

Yesterday, I noticed that, and notched it back down. And I already feel like have more energy and ability.

Thanks for visiting, and perhaps later today or tomorrow, there’ll be new stuff. Maybe not good stuff, but hey, one day at a time, eh?


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  1. Yes, life can certainly get in the way of our desired pursuits. My blog went on temporary hold so I can coddle some Apple engineers, an absent family for the week and a 2-family collection of 8 cats and dogs who have somehow manifested different feeding preferences.

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