At the Mountains of Illness

Being sick isn’t as much fun as folks make it out to be.   I mean, here I am with a giant head cold, sore throat that keeps coming and going like a conga line, and a cough that would shatter brick walls if I could master the aiming properly, and I’m not having any fun at all!

The worst thing is being unable to concentrate.  All I can do is watch television, instead of getting on with the many myriad projects I have lined up.  Second worst thing: taking everything in its worst interpretation.  Viz, the recent changes at the Spamusement forum, which I fear are going to destroy it, at least as a source of humor.

Oh well, I think it’s time to watch television again.

5 thoughts on “At the Mountains of Illness

  1. Snap!!! All I want to do is watch DVDs. Being ill is a novellty for a couple of days but after that it just gets boring and annoying, and I really miss being able to breathe properly without the aid of Soothers and Beechams. I hope you get better soon chick.

  2. Oh, babycakes! Poor thing! Just be sure you don’t get too involved in watching old reruns of “Night Rider”.
    I made that mistake and ended up sicker for it.

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