Sugar OOPs!

On one of the forums I frequent, someone was talking about her terrible day, noting that she was heading for a “serious sugar crash.”

So, naturally, I had to paste-up the following in response:

That's gonna leave a mark

Apparently, she liked the image so much she decided to use it as her avatar.   Of course, that’s Sugar, from “Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy,” with a telephone pole I must have spent a whole fifteen seconds on.

Just recently, though, I learned that the image might have been prescient.  According to the newsletter from the Anime Corner Store, “Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy” is going out of print (hence the “OOP” up there).  For some stupid reason, I no longer have the newsletter but I remember “Sugar” being numbered among the short-listed titles.

This is a real shame.  The show is one of my top five anime series–mostly because it’s utterly adorable, but also because it has a real story to tell, with characters given a depth rarely seen in programs ostensibly aimed at children.  It’s cute, funny and touching, and has a textbook example of how to create a sympathetic antagonist.  (I love Greta!)  I hope Pioneer decides to renew the license, but in case they don’t, I recommend you check it out while you still can.

The box set retails at nearly $200.00 (yikes!) but the Anime Corner Store has a deal where you can get the whole thing for $70 bucks.  In my most humble opinion, that’s still a lot of money, but it’s $70 bucks well spent.  (On sale now for $60.)

In the w00t category, I recently got the soundtrack for the show!  Yay, go me!   In particular, I wanted the title song and the “Music Box” version of that.  The latter tends to play whenever Sugar and Saga realise how much they mean to each other, hence it’s a big ole bundle of sentimentality.  I can’t get enough of it, of course. 

I also got a whole box of Sugar figurines, very nicely detailed versions of Saga and the three Fairies.  Plus, for some unfathomable reason, “ghost” versions of these same characters.  Uh…okay.  They’re very detailed.  For example, Things You Probably Wish You Didn’t Know But It’s Too Late Now:  Pepper wears white bikini panties.

Okay, so I’m a little obsessed with the show.  You might want to take that “$70 well spent” remark above with just a little grain of Salt.  Or Sugar.

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  1. Popular shows get second prints in R2. There’s a 2006 edition Martian Successor Nadesico for sale on Neowing aka CDjapan right now. So, polish your J skillz, and import. That’s the way of the true fan.

    — Pete

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