Fly into the Sun

Well, I just got back from Miami, Florida.  Though to be honest, I could have been anywhere–basically the trip was from airport to hotel, then back to airport again. 

View from the Hotel

You’d think the Mandarin Oriental Miami would have wireless access for guests, but if you did think that, you’d be wrong and would have to make another guess until you got it right.

Still, it’s a very nice place.  I’m glad I wasn’t paying, though, because I couldn’t have afforded it, even if they’d paid me.  I mean, um, it was pretty expensive and everything, and I didn’t even watch a movie or get room service.

When I first thought of posting an entry on the trip, I figured I’d have some funny or interesting Miami stories.  But since I never left the hotel, I don’t, so this whole thing is kind of a waste of your time.  Instead, why don’t you tell me your funny or interesting Miami stories?

[Space provided by funny or interesting reader stories]

Hey, that was both funny and interesting!  Thanks for sharing, and thanks for popping by.


4 thoughts on “Fly into the Sun

  1. OOOOH, so pretty! I love blue water… and hotel rooms.
    However I’m with Cullen, I’ve never been to Miami though I loved watching Miami Mice skits on the muppets.

  2. I’ve only vacationed once, in Florida. That was at one of the Disney World resorts in Orlando (the one that’s supposed to simulate the French Quarter in New Orleans), at my wife’s insistance. Don’t get me started on Disney World.

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