Lyar Von Ertiana, Part 1

As mentioned below, Ubu Roi credited me with a drawing of Lyar Von Ertiana which I didn’t actually do–I clipped her from some other website somewhere and stuck her into another environment (which I did draw).   I’m scrupulous about not taking credit for another’s work, which is why I keep mentioning that.  But it started me thinking–could I draw Lyar?   Well, why not give it a shot?

I’ve always wanted to do portraits of the Divergence Eve women, and perhaps this is as good a time as any to start.

Anyway, here she is, take one.  This drawing was sketched out in around a minute or so, and looks it, but things have to start somewhere, right?  I should also point out that I drew her from memory, so maybe not every single syllable is exactly where it ought to be.

The sharp-eyed will note that I didn’t draw her in manga-style, which is what I ought to have done if I just wanted to duplicate her.  But I didn’t want to duplicate her.  What would be the point of that? She’s already been drawn manga-style and very well indeed.  I was curious what she might look like if she was a real person.

So let’s clean the sketch up a bit.  Again, we’re talking maybe two minutes work or so, again withough looking at any source drawings.

I see Lyar shaping up in this.  It’s by no means even close, but I see a great deal of steely determination in that face, and that’s how I think of Lyar Von Ertiana.

Another observation that some may be wondering about–why didn’t I draw them?  Because they would be what they were in Divergence Eve: a distraction.  I think the character designer made a serious misjudgment when he decided on them.  “Serious” as in, “How retarded was that guy?”   I sometimes wish someone would come along and Lucas the series and make them normal, but I suppose it wouldn’t be the Divergence Eve we all know and love, would it?

More as it comes.  Thanks for popping by!