Sleep Deprivation Comics No. 1

This should probably get an explanation.  On the Spamusement Forum, where I’m to be found far too regularly, I posted a picture of Petite Charat in response to a spamline, and there was a bit of discussion about “this cat girl, with huge eyes, and a French baguette stuck in her butt.”  (Her tail, of course, is not a French baguette.  Or is it?)  Someone else wondered how the discussion turned toward this “rabbitwoman breadbutt” stuff, and the phrase merited further discussion.  I suggested it should be something a giant robot pilot would yell before he punched an alien monster. (I’ve since seen most of Godanner, and it would fit perfectly there.)

Of course, after “Rabbitwoman Breadbutt” there should probably be “PUNCH”, right? Good idea!

Thanks for stopping by, as always!  How about a nice Hawaiian Punch!

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