Stupid Graphics Tricks vs. WordPress, also HELLO!

Each time I try to post a, well, post that has graphics in it, I end up with an entry that has a massive amount of blank space above it.  I’ve got to pull code from older entries and adapt that to get something that makes me look less retarded than I am (and actually shows the graphics).  What the heck am I doing wrong?  Time to visit the forums, sigh.

In the meantime, welcome to our visitors from BridgeBunnies!  That has to be one of the greatest domain names ever, and we here are honored to be added to your blogroll.  The drawing of Lyar Von Ertiana your master refers to is here, and we must confess, we didn’t draw most of Lyar (or Sugar, either).  But we’re working on that!

UPDATE: The graphics thing seems to be related to the size of the graphic (in pixels) as it is displayed.  If I reduce the size, it doesn’t create a giant blanket of white. 

this time.

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