Retained a Sense of Theatre

In the past five days, I’ve submitted over 40 cartoons to the Spamusement Forums.  Some of these are multiple-panel jobs, some are comment drawings, and some are remixes, but still–over 40 since the 16th.

That’s about eight a day.  Let’s not even talk about creative work–I don’t think I’ve ever done forty things in five days, except maybe “take breaths.”   What is it about drawing cartoons that’s so attractive?   

Well, they’re quick and they spark the imagination, without taking themselves seriously.  I can draw one, submit it, and that’s the end of it.  There’s no pressure.

But there are nice rewards.  Several folks have made comments that add to the idea, and one fellow forum member consistently–and I mean every time–takes an idea of mine, no matter how mediocre, and turns it into something incredible.   I think I’m seriously in love, man.

Plus I’ve learned what V1agra really looks like.  I had no idea.

Anyway, here’s a bonus drawing that shows how I get my ideas for the silly things.  You’re the only ones who’ve seen this, so feel special, damn it!

Merry Christmas to you all, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then Happy However.  Thanks for visiting!

(PS: I’m out of town, using my laptop with the iffy keyboard, so I can conveniently blame any misspellings on it.  Works like a champ!)

3 thoughts on “Retained a Sense of Theatre

  1. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Well, that is if you celebrate. If not then just a Happy in general type thing. Hope everything going great.

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