“Seasonal Affective Disorder”

I tend to think that most of the made-up psychological diseases you hear about these days are just that:  made up.  They all sounds like impressive excuses to avoid dealing with the occasional harshness of reality.

The thing is, I’m not sure how I can hold an attitude like that when, every December since time immemorial, I get a case of the heaviest depression imaginable (by me). 

This year I thought I was going to be spared, because the beginning of December punched in and I felt okay.  (I’m normally depressed anyway, but usually functional.)   All that changed last night, around midnight or so.  It literally was like a light switch being clicked into the ON position, though at the time I didn’t know what was happening. 

And since then I’ve been working and doing whatever under this incredibly dark cloud.  Which is why there aren’t any jokes or clever sayings in this post.  (Yes, I know, there seldom are, but every now and then I get in a good one.  Remember a couple of Junes ago?)

On top of all that, I’m on call, too.  (Cue: Frenzied moaning.)  Hurry up January!

I’m sure I’ll post more over the course of the coming weekend.  And I’m sure it’ll be similarly bitter and joyless!

5 thoughts on ““Seasonal Affective Disorder”

  1. Happiness is overrated. I mean, what other emotion do you miss when it’s gone? Sadness’s departing is overdue, Anger fading is a relief, and the rest are just combinations of the three. Who needs any of them?

    I favor cold, hard logic. And the replacement of any and all faulty fleshy matter with a nice, sound metal. Not gold, of course. Gold is icky and should be disposed of.

    Dispose of all your gold, I say.

    Delete it from your life.

    Where was I going with this?

    Oh yes. Hope you’re doing better in future. Try not to let the happy, joyful people irritate too much.

    Me and the cybermats are pulling for you.

  2. So are the neurotic, nightmare ridden, haunted girls of Georgia.

    The only emotional currency I deal well in is a slow boiling anger, cooked at low tempratures and salted regularly with bitterness. I’m like a fluffy, adorable bunny of rage.

    Also, the Tangi-bots (also known as the MDKs) thought your video link was above and beyond amazing. We watched it 5 times and even I have to admit that it’s both interesting and cute, I’ll have to look it up.

  3. Yeah, I’ve known people with S.A.D. before and it can be a real pain in the a**. Hope you get through it ok, if it gets bad see a doctor about it.

  4. Actually, my wife (who has a Masters in psych. and has been a psychiatric RN for 25 years) tends to agree, that a lot of so-called mental disorders are imaginary. But depression is certainly real enough and it can be instantly triggered by certain events or time frames. Just like the acknowledged stages of grief, for example. Well, anyway, I hope you’re feeling better, soon. This last week has been a killer for me, job-wise. But I’m back on track and posting to my blog, again. Take care and let us know how you’re doing…

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