The more I think about PreTear, the more I realize how much fun I had watching it.  I still say that if you never see it, you can still have a happy, fulfilling life.  But it’s a blast, and I recommend it.  Definitely a re-watch candidate.

Some of the sniping between Himeno and Hayate got old pretty quick, but they did explain that pretty well.  And I liked how Himeno took the initiative to try and be the best PreTear she could.  I’ll probably rewatch that one in a couple of weeks, that’s how much I liked it.

Finished This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, which had an interesting premise and some nice concepts, as well as a whole sack of likeable characters.  Good comedy and lots of nudity are always welcome ’round these parts as well.  I never thought watching a robot get irked because people deliberately mispronounce his name would be so entertaining.  The character who really caught me, though, was Jennifer Portman.  Drunken slut AND brilliant scientist?  Sign me up!  I thought at first that she would turn out to be a Third Girl, but instead she’s just really, really smart and perceptive.  Get out the hose, boys, I’m in love again!

I still haven’t watched the Sugar Summer Special.  I really liked those characters and I’m reluctant to let them go, and once I watch the special there isn’t any more left.

Of course, in one sense I needn’t worry.  Sugar and Saga are always going to be around; heck, I already mentioned how the Leafe Knights from PreTear kind of reflect the Season Fairies from Sugar.  I also recently saw Hanaukyo Maid Team La Verite, and there were some parallels there.  It’s a fun but slight story about coming of age and taking responsibility, and episode five had a special treat for Sugar fans.  As well, two of the voice actors showed up again: Michelle Ruff (Saga) and Reba West (Sugar).  Ms. Ruff plays Konoe, the formidable head of security; the voice is quite different from Saga’s, and if it hadn’t been right there in the credits I would never have guessed it was the same actress.  Great work on Ms. Ruff’s part.

Reba West has a very distinctive voice, on the other hand, and she sounds just like she did in Sugar.  Here she plays Lemon, a maid assigned in a rather more personal capacity.  Let me tell you, hearing Sugar say how much she’d love to pleasure herself with the young master is so far into the “Wrong” Zone there isn’t even a button for it….

Well, I have to look for a PreTear so I can fight this damned illness with the power of the elements.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You’re making me consider some of the anime selections in Netflix. In the past, I haven’t really considered sending for any anime titles. Hmmm. Anyway – get better. I’m back to posting on my blog after a much needed rest. Catch you later…

  2. Neither a rabbit in the snow or a Kittyn with a flute but I had to come by and say hello. Thank you for coming by the Warbles.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll, your comments won me over.

    Good juju to you.

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