Love or Money

I’m the Marketing Department’s wet dream: I bought “Pretear” based on the promo. Hey, it had a Catchy Song–a Ridiculously Catchy Song–and a Weird Thing. What more could you ask?

Plus, SHE’s in the cast (squeals, clasps hands, eyes turn into hearts, mouth falls into huge vacant smile, swoons).

The Catchy Song plays over the opening credits (and there’s another catchy song at the end). The Weird Thing is a small, bald guy who looks like he stepped off of a Monopoly board. Turns out he’s the family chauffeur.  (He has a funny bit where he’s on first name basis with various deadly animals.)

The story itself is a combination of elements from Cinderella and Snow White, with a bit of Jack and the Beanstalk thrown in near the end. There’s a step-mother, a pair of step-sisters, and a group of seven protectors. But the mother’s pretty nice, just distracted; one of the step sisters is good but withdrawn, and while the other does have a mean streak, she’s also one of the series’ more hapless characters–if there’s glop to fall on someone’s head, it’ll be her head ‘pon which it falls.  And the seven protectors aren’t dwarves–they’re knights with the powers of various elements (yes…they’re practically Season Fairies.  Argh. To be detailed later.)  And our heroine can combine with their essences to fight weird monsters.  It’s a bit complicated, you see.

It’s not a series you need to see before you die, but it’s a whole bunch of fun, it’s great treadmill food, it has a terrific ending, and it says a lot of nice stuff about love. It’s always a good thing to hear a lot of nice stuff about love.

I (heart) the ADV Marketing Department!

At the same time I bought “Final Fantasy: Unlimited”…also based on the promo.  Hey, it has a Catchy Song and a Weird Thing, too.  What do you want me to do?  The Weird Thing in this case only appears for less than a second, and it looks like a giant balloon-animal monster.  No, seriously, it looks like something a skyscraper-size clown would cobble together for some cyclopean toddler’s birthday party…

Ahem.  So now we’re watching “This Ugly Yet Beautiful World” which seems, um, to have issues…so far so good, though.

Plus, SHE’s in the cast (squeals, clasps hands, eyes turn into hearts, mouth falls into huge vacant smile, swoons).  


4 thoughts on “Love or Money

  1. I’ve never really got into Amine. Is it an American thing? I always think of Pokemon whe someone says the word ‘anime’ to me. I’m starting to get intrigued about what all the fuss is about though.

  2. lol, alright now I have yet another anime to add to my ever growing “Yeah, someday this will be watched” list.

    Rose, anime is so much more than just Pokemon, that’s what I thought too, I was all “THIS is what people are so interested in? Yech.” Then I started watching what was coming on Cartoon Network and realised that in the majority anime isn’t for kids. The US edits alot of the adult content out of the shows that make it over here, which is good for me b/c I would have had a heart attack if I’d’ve seen then what I’ve seen now.
    Anime in general seem effortless in it’s beauty, and I think that’s what catches alot of people. Heck, I used to watch it with the sound off just to see the pictures going past.

    and now I’ll shut up.

  3. 🙂 I’ll definately have a look now. Is it more like that really gorgeous , flowy Japenese artwork? I read a Vertigo comic based on a Japenese myth and the artwork in that was beautiful, not like a comic at all.

    Off topic, Beckoning Chasm – I’ve had to switch my blog over to admin only (Only i can view the site) for a few days (probably til Wednesday) for personal reasons. I don;t want people reading my stuff who shouldn’t be (like my family). I’ll be back!

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