Current Word Count: 29,778

Spamusement cartoons: only 1, but it was my hundreth post!  Go me!  (Note:  My hundreth post, not my hundreth cartoon.)

Clearly starting to run out of gas on NaNo.  I still have a plot to get to, and some things to fill in, but it’s just not chugging away at my creativity like it was a couple of days back.  Of course, it’s only 3:00PM, and Thursday’s a swimming day. 

Later:  well, swimming helped, but only a little.  I’ll make 50K, even if I have to include recipes and driving instructions, but it won’t be a good 50K. 

Keep going, shouted to the rest of the team!  Get those words out!  Remember, “Rabbitwomaaaaaaaaaaaan BREADBUTT PUNCH!”

I never get tired of that.  In fact, that’s the perfect epitaph for me. 


Current word count: 28,191

Spamusement cartoons: 2

Um, and, like, some content here.  Oh, and over here, too.  I always wanted content right over here. 

Content:  it turns AWESOME into LONESOME.


Current Word Count:  26,260

Spamusement cartoons: 5

Special anniversary issue!  Yes, it was two years ago that I started this blog…um, yesterday.  Oh well, we can’t all be winners!  I missed my beloved cousin’s birthday, too.  Damn, do I need a calendar to fall on me or what?

I’m sure if I took a break from the spam cartoons and just concentrated on writing, I’d probably get further, but then I’d also get further into what I think might be something of a problem.  Here I am, right around the half-way word count for NaNoWriMo.  

Am I at the half-way word count for the story?  No.

I think I’m way, way over it.  Unless I think of something else…and the feverish little engine in my head is indeed processing in that direction…this story may end up only taking 30-35,000 words to tell. 

Ouch.  Well, I guess I could go back and give all my characters a sever case of stuttering…

UPDATE: Well, I wrote the above before I’d left work, which means before swimming.  Someone should write a book, “Creative Writing the Swimming Way,” except that I imagine that’ll have to be me.  Who the hell else writes while swimming?

I came up with an idea that not only might get me to the 50K finish line, it also told me something about my main character, my secondary characters, and a bunch of other stuff as well.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll reach 50K, but I have a feeling it’s not entirely impossible.



Current word count:  24,192

Not bad.  I’ve been dreading this week, not because of Nano but because, once again, I’m On Call and I was afraid that would interfere with writing time.

It hasn’t, yet, but this is only Monday.  One whole week to go. 

Still, if I can keep up work like this (which I doubt) I should be in the clear. 

I do my best writing while swimming, or on the verge of falling asleep.  (I really hate the second one; I hate having to get up and pin down some more words before they fly away again.)

Writing while swimming is okay, though.  I’m awake and can remember it long enough to write it down.  I sure do wish someone would invent a water-proof laptop, though.

Though I imagine if they did, and I bought one, I’d never write during swimming again. 

As always, best of luck to us all.  Go team!


Current word count: 21,122

I’m not done for the day, but I like that number so I thought I’d post today’s entry now.

Most of the day’s work been in “clean up” rather than new stuff, which is why the number’s rather low.

Still, I’m hoping to reach 30K by the end of the week.


Curent word count:  20,384.

 Which is what I wanted.  Cool.  Wanted to break the 20K barrier.

 Didn’t want my previous posting to be swallowed into entropy. Which is what happened.

Argh, etc.  Argh and double dams,. etc. 

FRAngel, Henry, Cullen, Ghost Rose–I just want to say this. ROCK and ROLL all NIGHT and party EVERY DAY.

Beacause my hiccups are making me unreliable.

[Hic]  I am HATING this.

Hating more–I’m writing a sex scene.  Yes, it works, but it is SO not me.

No, it isn’t pr0n and so on–it jost works.

Never written a sex scene.

‘Specially not one as WRONG this.

Oh–NOW I’ve got your interest–



Current word count: 16,820.

Again, not great in terms of numbers, but better than I thought.  A lot of revising and rewriting today, with bad clouds of words cast off and replaced with a new cast.  Overall, I think it reads better. 

Though, really, that’s a “musical theatre/gambling” plot point which I have yet to address.  (I’ve hinted at it, though, gimme a break.) 

Still have to come to my Crisis Point, but at least I have an idea how and why that should be.  And I’m almost ready to get my hands dirty, there.

If only character and plot building didn’t get in the way!  –um, wait a minute, I didn’t realy say that.  Must have been one of my evil cats.


Current Word Count: 15,854.

Expected far worse.  Let me tell yah, when the pattern reveals itself, you become the slave.  Which is fine–I don’t want to prove how clever I am.  I want to write a story.

There was more, but I deleted it. 

[meaningless gibberish]

[random muttering]


Current Word Count: 14,341.


That’s the main thing i wanted to say.  Click.

I’ve been throwing scenes and characters and dialogue at this project for seven days now.  And for the most part, it’s felt like making a salad.  “Let’s throw some of this in there!”  “What the hell is it?”  “I don’t know, but it makes it bigger!”

Today, for the first time, the elements came together and said, click.  

The characters I’d tossed in there, and the characters who appeared who weren’t exactly “in there”…suddenly, today, I knew who they were and how they fit together.  Relationships and everything.  And it made all their appearances, which I’d thought just random jottings to increase word count, gel together.

It fts now.

Damn, the process of doing creative work never ceases to amaze me.  Especially when I’m right at the center of it. 

I still marvel at it, and when it’s going good, I still wonder who’s gonna come knockin’ and say, “Hey, that work?  Mine.”

For now, it’s mine, though.