Current word count: 49,534

Down to the wire. 

I’m not sure when NaNoWriMo “officially” closes shop and counts the tally, but I think I have some time.  It is, after all, not yet 1:00PM on the 29th (EST). 

I’m close to having the story done, as well, ie, there’s not a whole lot else to write about.  Five hundred words?  Maybe.  I’d like to get at least a couple of hundred beyond that, since Microsoft Word’s word count function isn’t always the most accurate thing in the world.

The point now is to complete the task.  December, I may use to go back and nurse the story back to health.  I owe it that.

I also had a strange dream last night, which might be the beginning of another story.  The problem with dreams, though, is that they’re pretty ephemeral; they evaporate when examined too closely.  I dreamed what I thought was the first paragraph of Nan06 and I never used it.  (Which means it’s still there.)

I keep hearing Saga’s mother’s song in my head.  I wonder if there’s a soundtrack album, though anime CDs tend to be way expensive.

Back to work… 

UPDATE: It’s now 11:30PM on the 29th. 

I’ve submitted my text file to NaNoWriMo. Waited a moment to see what they had to say.

Current word count: 51,295

So…I won.  Sigh.

I crossed the finish line.  And I feel…well, that isn’t important.  I’m more depressed than triumphant.  Of course, I’m always depressed, but that’s not the point!  The point is, after all, in the box.  With the beast.


I want to thank, first and foremost, the story.  I abused it.  I fattened it up and stretched it out beyond all reason.

But it believed in me, and stayed by me, and helped me out.  It forgave me.  It looked into my soul and said, “Okay.  This one time.”

Thank you, story.  Thank you so much.

Secondly, but only secondly by a hair, I want to thank my writing buddies.

Filthy Rotten Angel, Henry Brennan, Ghost Rose, Cullen W.W. Waters

You’re all the best ever.  Wordcount doesn’t matter.  Honestly, it never does.

Friendship, encouragement, the laugh in the face of death–those are the things that matter, and for which I thank you all.  (Musical sting) I love you guys. (Musical sting.)

I’d never have gone this far without you.  You’re all wonderful and I thank you, I thank you so much.

Next, I want to thank Rex, Dr. Sebrell, the Jericho Project, Dr. Howell, Beth Leyton, Mr. Denby and Jessica.  Thanks for putting up with my second-rate chronicle of your lives.

Finally, I want to thank Sugar, Saga, Greta, Pepper and the rest who kept me sane.  The new crew is Sister Rosetta and Chrono, and yeah, you’ll hear all about them.  And yes, I heard that.

Love to you all.  Young people of the Earth…you’re beautiful.  As an enigmatic billionaire, I can say that!

Love, everyone.