Current word count: 45,575

Working on the story has become just that–work.  Well, if I particpate in next year’s event, and I’m seriously doubting I will, I’ll know I need to choose a story that has a certain sweep to it, so I can start out with a big canvas and scale down if I need to. 

This year I started with a tiny canvas and filled it pretty quickly.  It has been rather discouraging.

Tonight, though, I’ve done some actual writing, rather than re-writing, and it went well.  This was pretty surprising.  I was pretty sure the story hated me, so I was glad to have some cooperation.  It was nice.  Some good stuff popped out.  Thank you, story.

Finished “Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy” and I was prepared for a knock-down, drag-out tear-fest.  So it didn’t affect me that much.   Less than I expected, to be honest.  I was expecting to be devestated because, if I may borrow the phrase, I am a cupcake. 

Everyone did well, and yes, Greta did the right thing in her own way.  As I always knew she would.  And we got a pretty good glimpse of Sugar’s mommy.

And like Saga, I waited until Sugar was happy before I cried my damned eyes out.

I am such a cupcake, it isn’t even funny.  Actually, though, on reflection, I guess I’m a waffo.

Oh, I should note.  Still sick.  Physically.  Mentally, I don’t think there’s any hope.

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  1. What IS it with Anime making you cry like a baby? well not just you, me too… I wept like a…um… really weepy woman at the end of Azu Manga Daioh all because of that damned cat.

    ~sniffles… snuffles~
    damn…stupid…~sniff~ cat.

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