Current word count:  42,051

Nice break, though I was able to do some writing in the attic after hours.  This month has been far too busy for much writing.

In fact, mostly, what I did was re-writing.  No, change that.  What I did was over-writing.  I’ve stuffed this manuscript so full it looks like Peter Griffin.  In fact, every time I open the file it says, “Hey, remember the time when–” and I have to shut my speakers off.

It’s only 9:00 PM on Saturday, so who knows how much more writing stuffing I can do before the bell tolls.

Later:  apparently that turkey had way more room than it let on.

Current word count:  43,283.

Not what I wanted, given my goals, but there you have it. And…there you have it.

To my writing buddies, sorry for being absent so long.  You’re all very important to me, and moreso, to yourselves and your ambitions.

Henry and Cullen, I know you’ll get there.  FRAngel, I know you’ve got more talent in one blood-stained talon than I have, um, in er, this napkin I kind of squished a bug in.  *Cough*  Ghost Rose, you don’t look in the mirror often enough, and when you do, you don’t see what all of us see.   Which is a very talented author who needs a BIT OF WHUPPING GOL DANG IT *extended series of coughs*.  Sorry, Rose, cousin Nahum is a tad hard to control…

Keep going, Ghost Rose.