Current word count: 36,555

A nice looking number.  I’ll be out of town probably through Satuday, so updates here will be pretty much non-existant as I’ll be where there’s not much internet access.

I’ll still be able to write, though, so with luck I should be able to hammer in a few more words.  I think I might be able to reach 45K by Saturday’s end.  And there’s still revising to do.

I wonder how much NaNoWriMo is actually killing the writing.  Because I’m trying to tell a good story, but I’m also trying to get wordcount.  So when I go back and see an awkward phrase, I don’t think “I should delete that.”  Instead, I think that I should surround it with more and more words until it works (which is sometimes never).

I was kind of surprised last night, that I took out a whole section that simply didn’t work.  Of course, I immediately turned around and started typing in other sections, trying to make up for lost wordcount.

Ah well.  I doubt what I’ve got is publishable in any form, anyway.  The process does nag, though.

Later: Current word count: 37,173. Another nice looking number.

And until later, then…stay safe, keep writing, and I’ll see you all very soon.

3 thoughts on “Nan06:21

  1. Have a great vacation. You’re right about the word count getting in the way of the story, thoough. That’s why I consider my entry just an outline to be decided, later on, if it’s worth polishing.

  2. Happy day of killing turkeys then feasting upon their corpses day!

    Yeah, the wordcount gets in the way, but like Henry I tend to see it as nothing set in stone. I tend to jump around in the storyline… alot…and to cut out massive chunks that I don’t like…but I save the stuffing and fluffing for whenever inspiration hits me.

    …and other mindless babble!
    Good Eatin’!

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