Current word count: 36,555

A nice looking number.  I’ll be out of town probably through Satuday, so updates here will be pretty much non-existant as I’ll be where there’s not much internet access.

I’ll still be able to write, though, so with luck I should be able to hammer in a few more words.  I think I might be able to reach 45K by Saturday’s end.  And there’s still revising to do.

I wonder how much NaNoWriMo is actually killing the writing.  Because I’m trying to tell a good story, but I’m also trying to get wordcount.  So when I go back and see an awkward phrase, I don’t think “I should delete that.”  Instead, I think that I should surround it with more and more words until it works (which is sometimes never).

I was kind of surprised last night, that I took out a whole section that simply didn’t work.  Of course, I immediately turned around and started typing in other sections, trying to make up for lost wordcount.

Ah well.  I doubt what I’ve got is publishable in any form, anyway.  The process does nag, though.

Later: Current word count: 37,173. Another nice looking number.

And until later, then…stay safe, keep writing, and I’ll see you all very soon.