Current word count: 35,617

That’s as of 11AM.  I doubt I’ll get much more than that, because I’m utterly exhausted.  I’m off call, finally, which is great.  I can’t tell you how draining that experience is; I’ll have it again in four weeks.  What fun.  Even when nothing happens, there’s always the possibility that something might, so you simply can’t relax and enjoy anything.  I’d try to treadmill and be anxiously looking at my pager the entire time.  It’s like a bomb in a movie, only one without the digital coundown LCD.  You’d never know when it might go off.

Needless to say, it went off frequently this past weekend. 

“Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy” is excellent treadmill food, by the way, which surprised me.  It’s a kid’s show, but it’s not written down and it’s very, very charming.  If you don’t like kid’s shows you won’t like this, and if you have an aversion to overly bug-eyed characters (some of them, honestly, look like almost like insects) it’ll be hard going. 

But it’s fun, and instructive to see how evil is dealt with.  The show has a villain, Greta, though “villain” is far too harsh a term for her.  Typically, her comeuppance comes within minutes of her appearances, so it’s too soon to hate her, as the makers intended.  She’s actually quite fun in that way.

She’s just very, very insecure, and I found her lovable in a weird kind of way.

Note:  NOT THAT WEIRD.  Sheesh, you people!

Update:  Had to bulldoze some bad stuff I typed out.  But managed to type out some no doubt even worse stuff.  

Current word count: 36,454.

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