Current word count: 33433

Spamusement cartoons: 2

This is going to be a tough day.  It’s a bit before 1PM as I write, and I’m already slammed with work stuff.  Wednesday, I go out of town for the holiday weekend, and I’m not sure what the opportunities will be for writing while I’m out.  (Internet connection, definitely no.)

Phone’s been quiet now for over an hour.  Yeah…too quiet.

Later, close to midnight.

Current word count: 35,095

Spam cartoons: 3

Well, I broke the 35K barrier.  Yay for me, blah, etc, desultory toot on one of those blappy things.  This weekend has been horrible as far as work goes. 

Work brings in the money, so I guess I can’t complain, argh.

Tomorrow I go off call.  Expect a chipper, happy laughing kind of guy.  It won’t be me, but I can probably find something on YouTube. 

Boy, do I feel deflated.

2 thoughts on “Nan06:19

  1. I would make a comment about puffing you up but I can’t think of one that doesn’t sound lewd and I think another reboot this soon would be bad for you.

    You hit 35k! You’re so for the rockzors!!!
    ~Tickertape parade and some of those Carnival dancers~

    Now get some sleep, hotpants, I’ll think about missing you over the holidays later.

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