Current word count:  24,192

Not bad.  I’ve been dreading this week, not because of Nano but because, once again, I’m On Call and I was afraid that would interfere with writing time.

It hasn’t, yet, but this is only Monday.  One whole week to go. 

Still, if I can keep up work like this (which I doubt) I should be in the clear. 

I do my best writing while swimming, or on the verge of falling asleep.  (I really hate the second one; I hate having to get up and pin down some more words before they fly away again.)

Writing while swimming is okay, though.  I’m awake and can remember it long enough to write it down.  I sure do wish someone would invent a water-proof laptop, though.

Though I imagine if they did, and I bought one, I’d never write during swimming again. 

As always, best of luck to us all.  Go team!


2 thoughts on “Nan06:13

  1. And because I am who I am the first thing I thought about was underwater pr0n.
    Ah, naughty shellfish.

    You’re doing wonderfully don’t doubt anything… I’ll do what I can about your job. (by “do what I can” I mean I’ll shout at the chipmunks that keep stealing the catfood on my porch.)
    And yeah, I went trolling through blogs and wow… ya’ll rock!

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