Current word count: 21,122

I’m not done for the day, but I like that number so I thought I’d post today’s entry now.

Most of the day’s work been in “clean up” rather than new stuff, which is why the number’s rather low.

Still, I’m hoping to reach 30K by the end of the week.


4 thoughts on “Nan06:12

  1. I want to have written 25K by Wednesday night, but as I’m only on 15K now… Still, I wouldn;t say I’m doing badly for my first time considering that 70% of the people who sign up don’t even START.

  2. That’s an excellent word count. I’m playing catch up, right now. I usually do pretty well at the beginning of the week – so now’s the time to push it hard.

    Rose – you’re absolutely right – trust me, you’re doing just fine. Just keep plugging away.

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