Curent word count:  20,384.

 Which is what I wanted.  Cool.  Wanted to break the 20K barrier.

 Didn’t want my previous posting to be swallowed into entropy. Which is what happened.

Argh, etc.  Argh and double dams,. etc. 

FRAngel, Henry, Cullen, Ghost Rose–I just want to say this. ROCK and ROLL all NIGHT and party EVERY DAY.

Beacause my hiccups are making me unreliable.

[Hic]  I am HATING this.

Hating more–I’m writing a sex scene.  Yes, it works, but it is SO not me.

No, it isn’t pr0n and so on–it jost works.

Never written a sex scene.

‘Specially not one as WRONG this.

Oh–NOW I’ve got your interest–



2 thoughts on “Nan06:11

  1. I once wrote a pornographic short story. Because I am a sad, sad, little man. With any luck, a mouse has gotten it and made it into a nest.

    Outside of that, the only thing close to sex in my writing came at the end of the previous NaNo. Very brief, not a lot of description, but because it was the last thing in the book, it was bound to be memorable.

    Okay, I fib. As everything else in the novel was either confusing, boring, or misplaced short stories, it probably would have been memorable at any place in the novel….

  2. I’ve discovered something about my “sex scene.” It’s not a sex scene.

    It’s worse.

    There’s no sex, nor the suggestion of it, just some artfully concealed nudity.

    In other words, it’s fan service.


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