Current word count:  11,042

Much better than I expected, really.

It’s always surprising to me how fiction grows from a tiny root.   This was a project I had no faith in and no ideas for.  Yet it’s over a fifth toward the finish line.  What’s most remarkable is how the characters step up and demand attention and, thus, help in shaping their own environment.

I’ve got one character, for example, who was supposed to be in a couple of scenes, deliver a couple of lines of dialogue, and then step back into the background.

Instead, she’s become a major player, in ways I’m still not sure I see in entirety.  She’s going to have a lot more to do with how this narrative shapes up.  I honestly don’t know how, but I have no fear that she’ll tell me in no uncertain terms.

And if I don’t listen and do something stupid, she’ll beat me senseless and I’ll lose a day or two.

And no, she’s not you, FRAngel.  Though I was tempted….


2 thoughts on “Nan06:6

  1. Excellent word count! I’m just chugging along at 2500 per day. If it wasn’t for working at night, I could probably motivate myself a little better. Then again, night has always worked best for me. Job wise and for writing, as well.

  2. WOO you’re clocking along at a good pace, congrats!

    ~laughs~ don’t give in to temptation, B. Chasm. Any character that was anything like me would dominate the storyline and fill the plot with little, pink, flesh eating ponies.

    I would like to thank you for your encouragement, dollface. You do, and forever will, rock my socks.

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