Current Word Count: 6,569

Not a very productive day, admittedly, but better than I thought.  Especially after waking up irrevokably at 3AM (but not needing to be anywhere until 7:30), driving two and a half hours to a conference, feeling more dead than alive, seeing lots and lots of people who I didn’t know at all and trying to be friendly (on the plus side, I know exactly how a mannekin feels now), submitting two spamusement cartoons, neither of which were funny or insightful (and the second of which actually kind of depressed me)…after all that, I say, I was pretty pleased to pull out how ever many words I managed to cough up.

The story itself is shaping along, though I still need a “trigger.”  I think I have an idea for one–it may not be a good idea, but at least it’s an idea I can write up. 

Tomorrow’s another day.  Actually, it’s another day of conferencing, but at least without driving and maybe, just maybe, with some actual sleep.

Good luck to all the members of my team; your words of encouragement are truly magnanimous and appreciated.   And good luck to everyone else as well.

Tomorrow I’m going to try and visit y’all.  Right now I’m just too exhausted to say anything relevant or even coherent.