Current Word Count:  2897.

Not bad, considering I have no faith in this project at all. 

What’s cool is how well Henry and Cullen are doing.  And Nathan, so far as I know, a first time participant.

Ghost Rose, have faith.  That’s all I can say.


3 thoughts on “Nan06:2

  1. I’m all right now – I just startded off a bit slow! Of course I’m still a day behind but I’ve got the whole weekend to catch up. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words. That’s one of the reasons I’m blogging the novel – I’m hoping you people will keep me going. 🙂

    The Ghost Of The Rose

  2. Cullen’s right – sometimes the beginning is just setting the stage for the momentum to come. Once the brain becomes wired to the “habit of forced creativity” the novel justs writes itself. In any case, we’re all in this together. Great job, everyone.

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