Total word count:  1465

Which is, I suppose, not bad for day one. 

Of course, many factors intrude.  I’ve become addicted to the forums at  And have contributed, too (not under any name you’d know–good heavens, where’s the fun in that?). 

I also abandoned the paragraph I wrote back in March.  After thinking of several different paths, I came to the conclusion that, yeah, it’ll work at some point, but that point isn’t now.

So, while swimming tonight (somebody please invent a waterproof laptop) I came up with a new idea, and started writing that out.

So far…well, it’s working.  And that paragraph may make its appearance anyway…it’s a damn good paragraph. 

Good luck to all NNWM06 participants.  You know who you are!  Onward and upward and excelsior and all that.


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