PaintBlog: Project Telephone Girl, Part Two

Well, there are some good reasons for the fact that I haven’t posted here in a while. After weighing the fact that it’s fun to give excuses over but they’re not really interesting, I’ve decided to leave those reasons for future historians, if any.

Last time out, you might recall I asked the musical question, “Why not red?” The answer is, because red takes forever to dry. So after waiting a couple of forevers or so, I began work on part two of Telephone Girl.

And I stared at the canvas for a while. Finally, I decided to tape in the shelving and the barely discernable corner. So, tape was duly applied where I thought it best to go:


White was then applied over one edge of the tape. Why white? Well, it dries quicker than red, and besides, putting more red on would rather defeat the purpose. So: some white paint.


I then tried to blend it a bit better, with variable results. More than likely, none of it will survive the onslaught of other colors anyway.


Finally, the tape was removed:


And because I began feeling this project was going to take forever, which is a pretty long time considering I’ve already spent a couple of those, I added a rough outline of her there in the center. It’s not aligned precisely where she was in the original image, but if I wanted a duplicate of the original I’d get a copy machine. Anyway:


More as it happens. Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “PaintBlog: Project Telephone Girl, Part Two

  1. Looking good. I seriously appreciate you sharing the creative process. I’m actually beginning to contemplate getting back into painting (after a 30 year hiatus, no less).

  2. Double on that comment.

    As a fellow painter, I can tell you that I love seeing how others work. We all have our little methods, idiosyncracies…It’s just fun to see.

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