PaintBlog II: Augustwork II

Las week as you recall, we saw Will, Doctor Smith and the Robot searching for exotic flowers, unaware that they were soon to encounter an incredible alien machine.

Also, we posted some work on PaintBlog II. Here’s some more, mainly dealing with the central shaft. Below, you can see that we’ve added a bit of golden-wooden highlights to the thing, and sharpened the shadow where the masts join.


For no good reason at all, here’s a close-up. Oh wait, there is a good reason! To show it closer. (I always forget that one.)


Below, you can see some shading work on the structure holding the whole thing to the mountain. Now, I know what you’re thinking.


You’re thinking, Damn, that looks awfully phallic. Do you know why you think this? Well, I’ll tell you, and the answer might surprise you! It’s because you have a mind that is always thinking that. Come on, you might as well admit it now. Also, you should probably cut it out.

Below is the full image.


More of the mountain-frame thing, with some additional highlights. Also, the thing-pod’s companion has had some work done, brightening it up a bit.


Below, another full shot. I had to change some clouds, because the stupid shaft accidentally got paint on the other bits of clouds. I yelled at it and it was sorry but I still had to fix it.


More cloud work below.


And below, some more cloudwork. I think the cloudwork needs some more cloudwork, but as of now, this is how the work appears.


Starting in a day or so, I’m going to start another project based on an idea on a mailing list I’m on. This is going to be a portrait (of all things), which I am completely bad at. So we’ll see how that one goes. Should be quite humbling I bet. The question is…for whom?

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