Where Things Might Come From

Yesterday I posted a pretty dim photograph of a fairly dim painting. The painting itself was pretty random, obviously there were things in there but no overall direction.

Interestingly, the very badness of the photo helped clarify something. I began to see a direction, a pattern. So I did more work to try and bring that out. See if you can spot the change, particularly in the “bracken-weave” area.

Anger and Deepression

(Hint: if you turn the image 90 degrees counter-clockwise, it becomes clearer. That’s not the way it goes, though.)

Sometimes even a bad photograph has its uses. I suppose that my mind, seeing the flaws in the presentation, tried its best to make use of those flaws in the order of things.

Or I could have just gotten really lucky. Also, panties.

Work in Progress

I’ve watched the next five episodes of “Misaki Chronicles” and will probably have something to say about that at some point. However, I felt I needed a bit of light relief, so I watched episode one of “PANTIES!!!” I mean, “Najica Blitz Tactics.”

I didn’t know there were that many panties in the whole world.

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit anime’d out at this point, though I’m enjoying it too much to give up on it for good. I’ll write more about it in a few days. How about a painting instead?

Anger and Deepression

That was how it started. Some days later:

Anger and Depression

Three questions might occur (with my answers)

1. What the hell is it?
A: I don’t know.

2: Where did it come from?
A: I have no idea.

3: Why are the photos so bad?
A: I was probably either depressed, drunk, or both.

One of out three ain’t bad. Also, panties.