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At nearly 400 characters over the limit for eMusic’s reviews, this version will never fly. In fact, eMusic keeps telling me there’s a problem with my duly shortened review, so perhaps it will never fly in any version.

Except Blogger. Where you don’t have to obey any rules!

Following is my review for the album “Moribund” by someone (or something) named Aixata.

Except for the fact that it’s too unsettling for relaxation, this could be one of those “Relax with Nature” recordings, like “Hawaiian Surf” or “Bayou River.” This one would probably be called, “Mining Factory Consuming Its Asteroid Base to Make Raw Materials for a Long-Vanished Civilization.”

Machines, engines and other electric devices go about their business among dry, cavernous reverb and other heavy processing. There are occasional loops and rhythms, but they are so far removed from the human experience of music that they don’t register as song elements—which they aren’t supposed to, one imagines. At least, not to us humans.

This is one of the most determinedly non-human recordings I’ve heard, which isn’t a criticism, it’s a description. Because there aren’t any familiar elements, the mind is unsure how to react, how to catalogue the experience. Playing it in the car doesn’t make me more charitable toward other drivers.

It really is like a tour of a long-abandoned, still-operating factory colony. Even though you know there’s no one there, you also know you’re not alone. And then the lights go out–

Recommended if you like dark, unsettling music, and are curious about other possible perspectives. Let me put it this way. Late at night, after we’ve all gone to bed, this is what the machines listen to as they plot our overthrow. If you can learn to sing along….