…The Silence Keeps Us Guessing

Lost a domain name the other day. [Spits tobacco juice.] Ah-yup.

Normally, folks ’round these parts tell me when a domain name is about to expire. They say the crows all gather ’round the old Whatley place when domains are in their last stages. Ah-yup, that’s what they say all right. [Fires shotgun into “Yield” sign.]

Hosting company names are, of course, withheld pending resolution on this. I have faith in this company, they’ve not let me down before. If I warn you or not, well, that depends on them, doesn’t it? Ah-yup. [Checks still for viability of corn-squeezings on market.]

I’m sure it’ll all work out. Ah-yup. That it will.

[Smolders visibly.]

Might take a while, though, ah-yup.

One thought on “…The Silence Keeps Us Guessing

  1. C’mon nah, Paw, git ch’er self on up in this house and drink summat that there sweet tea an eat summat thems vittles I done cooked up fer ya.
    It’s gone be all right, Paw, nuffin fer ya to get ta hootin and hollern ’bout I tell you, I tell you what.

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