Interregnum II

“What do you want, Mr. Quaid?”

“The same as you–to remember.”

“But why? You are what you do.”

If only Quato could have guessed…you are what you post.

I’ve been thinking a lot about identity, and classification, and the roots of creativity. Naturally, being dim, I haven’t really coalesced these thoughts into a coherent framework (yes, that is stunning news to anyone who reads this thing).

But when has that ever stopped me? (Pause while thousands of examples are displayed.) Um, yes, well, that one… Enough! I am the Intelligence Supreme! With a side of fries! And what I have discovered is–damn, sorry, the phone, hang on a moment–

–hello? No, no, doing fine, yes thanks. Well, I’m pretty satisfied with my long distance service, now that you mention it. What? Well, no…I was about to post this thing about eating what you want and never exercising, yet still losing weight. Also, the secret to being happy. Yeah, who really killed JFK. Ha ha, yes, last in line, that’s me. What? Could you repeat that?

“Open your mind…open your mind…open your mind…”

Um. All I see are penguins. Is that a good answer?