Beau Wring

Well, it has been several days, hasn’t it? Since my last posted message, that is (hope that was useful to everyone). I did think very intensely about posting something else last week, but never got around to it. However, in this day and age when saying the right things and thinking the proper thoughts is all that is required of one, points to me for the intent.

One thing I should note, re: the recent dryness. I have, much to my surprise, apparently given up drinking. This means I have more energy and am (apparently) unable to sleep, but on the downside, me without beer is like Green Lantern without his ring, ie, not terribly interesting. I am no longer funny, insightful, intelligent or even good-looking. (Some of these things depend on you having the beer.)

As a result, whatever may or may not be posted here is about to take a huge dive in interestingness. Interestingocity. It may become a lot like my name, after which this entry is titled. (Say it rapidly and repeatedly to get the joke, and then note how I said I wasn’t funny any more. You’ll see I wasn’t kidding.)

3 thoughts on “Beau Wring

  1. Welcome to the club, nothing I’ve ever posted has really been all that funny or interesting. Yet still I’ll come and read, because the real fascination of a blog is getting to visit into the mind of another. Don’t worry, I’ll throw out my trash on the way out.

  2. Part of my problem is, as the weather becomes less dreary, I become less reflective. When I was younger, I used to do my best writing in dismal strip joints in Texas (when I was in the military).
    Give me a sunny day with the promise of spring and my inner Poe just sits there with a goofy smile and precious little to say.

  3. Yeah, spring makes me all light and fluffy… I just wanna go out, listen to music and swing my arms while I walk…

    You can’t write about murder and meyhem while in the mood to kiss puppies and kittens. I just doesn’t work.

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