I’m Not Going Into Details, It’s Too Horrible

New brush.

After–good grief–some seven months of nothingness, I’ve finally got my iPod up and going.

And I like it. The controls take a bit of getting used to (I’m constantly pressing “Menu” when what I want is the button, and vice versa) but the iPod definitely seems designed for ease of use. And I wish there was a “Stop” button. Apparently, if you start playing a song, and don’t want to hear the rest of it, you can either press “Pause” or choose another song. I’d like it if I could press “Stop” somewhere and just have it be resting.

But the good bits definitely outweigh such minor inconveniences. Success with this thing has actually put me in a good mood.

Next, I guess I have to learn about Playlists. Reason being, I have my own MP3 making program which I used to burn (according to iTunes) over 22 days worth of noise. Now, when I would put a CD into the drive, iTunes would always pop up. “Hi, I see you’ve put in the Noir soundtrack! Here are all the songs from that. Would you like me to do something with those songs?” “No, I’ll use my own program for that, but thank you anyway, iTunes! It is good to see you again!” (I was always polite since there didn’t seem to be a way of telling iTunes to stop bothering me.)

Anyway, despite the fact that iTunes recognized the CD, when I navigate to the Noir soundtrack now, on the iPod, all the tracks are in alphabetical order rather than CD order. I know that iTunes was just reading the tracklist file off the physical CD, but it would be nice if it could remember that when it sees the same songs again. Oh well.

(Proper CD order is pretty essential for classical works and soundtracks.)

Anyway, this is fairly cool.


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  1. I added you blog url to my ‘myspace’ blog list. I hope you don’t mind. You entertain me, and really, isn’t that what it’s all about! Thanks!

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