“Soon, the Rebellion will be crushed!”

Well, I did a bunch of painting today, the first in a while, and I was going to show you folks at least some of it…but my computers refused to process any photos into nice tiny JPGs, preferring instead to give me grief about “Disk errors” and “Unsupported formats” and other silicon nonsense. I wasn’t about to link to files over two megs in size, so it’ll all have to wait until I can break the computers’ spirits and crush all hope out of them, and make them cooperate. That’s what they’re supposed to do after all, yes? I only hope it ends up being fun. For me.

This, by the way, illustrates at least one clear advantage of oil on canvas, what I put there is pretty much going to stay there. Barring accidents while juggling solvents, natch.

More tomorrow, if I’m lucky.