Oil on canvas

Not sure why it’s called that, but the name came out and just stuck to it and won’t let me think of any other title (except maybe “Unbelievably Awkward Ash Tray”). I did the central structure thing a few weeks back, and was stuck for what else might fit.

Something else had to go in there with it, I knew that. The work just felt incomplete, being nothing but an ash tray in the dark. I tried surrounding it with fire and vague vegetation, but while I liked (and still like) the idea, I couldn’t get it to work. Finally, the work suggested its own background and that’s what I did. (After all, conspiracies are things that are uncovered, right?)

Looks a bit like something Richard Upton Pickman might have in his basement, doesn’t it.

I like the look of this one. It suggests to me a very late part of the night, with car headlights illuminating some unauthorized excavation in the middle of the road. There’s also the idea that the lights frightened off whatever was doing the digging—but only for the moment. They were startled, and are hidden just beyond the reach of the light—for the moment.

Time to get back in the car and close the doors. Don’t look like you’re hurrying, though.

3 thoughts on ““Conspiracy”

  1. Ah, but if Pickman had it it would have a rotting arm reaching out of the center wouldn’t it? Personally I like it, and Conspiracy is a great name for it.

  2. Well, Pickman, so I’ve heard, got thrown out of a lot of the best sorts of campus groups…not that it’s any fault of his, but, gosh, he was so obvious, yes?

    Nothing subtle about old Pickman, was there…

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Well hello. This is my very first visit to your corner of the machine, and I have to say that I loved your… erm… image? Not sure if it’s digital, or a photo of a painting, or some sort of deviously sculpted… well, sculpture. But dangit, I like it! And your little narrative gave it a distinctly creepy feel, which made me like it even more. Even more than I like the fact that it, truly, would be an unbelievable awkward ashtray. Nice to meet you. *bows*

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