Time, Being The Avenger

My sleep-awake cycle has gotten all twisted this weekend; right now it’s 1am on Monday and I’m not tired at all. Last night, I was up until 2 or 3, doing a small bit of writing on an old story while Ingmar Bergman’s “Scenes From A Marriage” was on in the background. Fortunately, I have Monday off but this could be problematic on Tuesday….

This weekend was okay, I moved some furniture and did my laundry. I was really unreasonably happy to have done the latter; I was thinking, Oh boy, I got that out of the way. And then there was a little voice that said, Oh, come on. So you did the laundry, do you want a medal?

Right now I’ve got Standing in the Shadows of Motown on, just finishing up. Earlier, I did five miles on the treadmill to this one. It’s a really, really good documentary about musicians that everyone has heard, but no one has heard of. A really great film.

PS: I got this DVD at Wal-Mart for $5.oo. Pretty cool, says I.

2 thoughts on “Time, Being The Avenger

  1. I understand about the sleep cycle. It’s currantly 3 am on a Sunday and I’m wide awake. Yesterday i was up till 6am then slept till noon. This is not good. Think I may have to pull an all nighter to try and get myself back on a schedual.
    A Medal for doing the laudry eh? interesting concept. I know many a housewife who would love that.

  2. hi sweetie! i saw a great movie with the girls this weekend-curious george. it was totally adoreable! as are you…

    happy valentines day b!

    *mauhz and hugs*


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