Those who Chronicle the Darkness

Lots of folks say that blogging is a waste of time, that it’s just a bunch of maladjusted loners shouting incoherence into the aether.

Well…I’m certainly not going to argue with someone who can turn a phrase like that. But many blogs have a real person behind them, someone generating those shouts, and it was my privilege to discover that Filthy Rotten Angel is just as funny, insightful and personable in “real life” (ie, over a crappy cell phone) as she is in her online realm.

If you’re a big fan of horror fiction, you owe it to yourself to read one of her other blogs, Killing in the Name Of… which is absolutely wonderful writing. It’s chilling and disturbing and so well put together that I never catch myself reading along technical lines, ie, “That’s a great phrase, ooo, cool use of metaphor there.” I find myself right in the middle of these dark entries (whether I want to be or not) and the tone of the teller is always so right. So right, in fact, that it’s sometimes scary to finish an entry, and wonder….

I feel certain she’s going to be a major voice in fiction, and you should read her stuff now, while you can, for free. I think in a very, very short while, you’re going to have to pay $24.95 to do so (prices slightly higher in Canada).

And what’s really cool is that the soul behind these macabre works is simply a wonderful person. I can’t tell you how cool it was to hear her describe how she shapes these visions. Well, I could, but I’d have to use a bunch of adverbs and my latest shipment was lost at Federal Express (long story).

Creativity and vision are wonderful things, things that really elevate our species above the rest of the mammals. (I limit my remarks to mammals because insects make interesting music and their mosaic art is first-rate.) Cats, on the other hand, do their best to make life difficult. Argh on cats.

Plus, she thought my Dr. Claw imitation was scary. Which it is. Always good for points in my book.

It’s all fiction…as far as you know.

6 thoughts on “Those who Chronicle the Darkness

  1. Actually, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. From her blog she sounds like a wonderful person — and i love her already.

    So no look of abject surprise on this Minx’s face. But very happy that you chatted. Next time you do that, tell her the Minx sends her a huge hug.

    Minxy xxxxxxxxx

  2. Aws!! I feel like such a celebrity. So I’m gonna sit here at the computer and do the blushing and “aw shucks-ing” thing for a few more minutes, Thank you B. Chasm.

    Talking to you was so much FUN! I was sorry I had to go.

    I am the luckiest.
    and the Minx loves me.

  3. FRA roxers my soxers. I was fortunate enough to have met her in person before I even knew anything about her blogs. She is an amazing person. We worked together and had so much fun (especially on mop bucket days lol). She was always the one I wanted to talk to the most and waste time with when we were “suppose” to be working. It broke my heart the day she quit but I knew it was a long time coming. fucking managment pricks. Anyway I do agree that her writing rocks ass and her art is even better. I really miss seeing her smiling (or not so smiley) face.

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