Chu- Chu- Chu- Ha- Ha- Ha-

I don’t consider myself a terribly superstitious person, but that’s a subjective viewpoint and someone else might look at me and think very differently. Or they might look at me and think, I think that guy owes me money. (I don’t, though.)

One of the things that does seem to bother me, though, is the number thirteen. When swimming, I go faster between laps twelve and fourteen, and when doing miles on the treadmill, I always plan the day’s work so that I don’t end on thirteen.

And here it is, Friday the Thirteenth.

I think I read somewhere that thirteen was originally considered unlucky because there were thirteen people at the Last Supper, and we all know where that led.

Otherwise, I don’t have a clue. I could look it up on the internet, I suppose, and laugh at my primitive foolishness, but where’s the fun in that? Besides, it wouldn’t be funny for the other people. Like the ones who think I owe them money.

They don’t seem to think anything’s funny, though.


8 thoughts on “Chu- Chu- Chu- Ha- Ha- Ha-

  1. I agree filthyrottenangel. We shape our own reality. It’s one of the few true freedoms we have. Personally, I’d rather forego the paranoid superstitions, myself. I have enough things to fend off without making stuff up.

  2. Yes, I think I’ll just camp out here. Hey, Cullen, let’s use this site as a base of operations to take over the Internet, since it’s no longer in use. Oh wait. you’re not posting, either. Never mind.

  3. omg! you just reminded me that i need to rent ALL of the friday the 13th movies!!! – LOL

    i don’t like to walk under ladders!
    i walk around them, climb over them, and if all else fails, move them out of my way! of course, moving ladders around in building and public places *when i must) gets me lots of really strange looks! 😉 lol

    *hugs and mauhz*

  4. I think we should all camp out here… eat some tofu, sing some rousing campfire songs then leave just before he gets back. All he’ll see is trampled grass, hippy litter and a couple stray marshmallows.

    Honestly B.C. I’m beginning to think you drank the milk.

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