“The 600 Series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy.”

Though I appear to scorn all appearance of vanity, I should confess that I’m not entirely immune. So, I have it set up here that when comments are left, they’re then emailed to me. It gives me a nice, reassuring feeling to know that I do, in fact, exist.

Consequently, I was a bit non-plussed to receive a comment thanking me for my writings on gold nuggets, informing me that the commentor had his own site dealing with gold nuggets, and finishing by saying that while I was not exactly helpful in his quest, he found my blog interesting enough to add it to his bookmarks before he had to move on in his endeavor.

Normally, that sounds like a spam-comment, doesn’t it? I have, however, turned Word Verification on, which leads me to two conclusions: the Word Verification thing has been cracked at last, or this was a genuine commentor.

Adding evidence to the former case was the fact that I couldn’t remember ever writing anything about gold nuggets. But I went though some entries until I found the one where the comment was left: my way overlong ruminations on Spirited Away’s No Face…who could produce gold nuggets from his hands.

A ha, so perhaps this was a legitimate comment after all. Using my computer at work (I’m not much of a fool), I looked at the chap’s profile, which led me to his blog. There was a single entry there, about a particular kind of gold which was rather interesting, I have to admit. Along with the same link to his website (which I was not going to go to). I also noted that he had comments on this entry.

Clicking to see if they were something along the lines of “Stop spamming my blog!” I instead discovered…two comments.

Both exact duplicates of the one I had received on my entry. Including the bit about how the info wasn’t here wasn’t helpful, so he was going to move on after bookmarking. Posted an hour apart from each other.


Mr. Gold Nugget, I certainly wish you well in your endeavors; I hope you don’t end up like Fred C. Dobbs (remember to ask about badges). But if you’re a genuine commentor, and not a malevolent robot, you really should learn to write a bit less mechanically, and perhaps make a couple of variants.

Yes, yes, I know the answer: “Just get off my back! Just stay off my back! Will you get off my back!”

Don’t you just hate people who have to make movie references all the time? I do.


7 thoughts on ““The 600 Series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy.”

  1. The funny thing is, while I was reading this, a popup on my monitor asked me if I “would like to play a game?”. I opted for “Global Thermonuclear War”.

  2. um. b, i am not good at the movie thing. kinda like my poetry to you. smiles. i misses yeah. i just wanted to say hi!


    nope. i have nada! lol

  3. Mechanical bloggers, what an interesting idea. Would they comment all in 1’s and 0’s? Leaving scathing comments about other systems? Hmmm….

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