I’d originally seen this suggestion on the Writer’s Digest site–a project to detail five New Years Resolutions by one of your characters. I thought of a few for Wilcox, from my November project, but since all art is autobiography, here goes.

1. During one month, learn four words of Jones’ language.

2. Cut down on the drinking, or, better, find something a bit more refined.

3. Use the stuff “borrowed” from the Project Leader to increase the radio’s range.

4. Try and thank Mira for her help with the “borrowing” mentioned in number 4, and hope her husband isn’t around…otherwise, think of an appropriate card to send. (Can’t help it, the guy gives me the willies, I’m sure he’s reading this too.)

5. Try to be a bit less of a smart-aleck. No one likes that. Especially the Captain. Which I guess leads me to number six.

6. The Captain is the smartest guy here. Always let him think that.


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