Yeah Holidays Whatever

I’m sure I wrote about this last year, but Christmas depresses the Living Talisman out of me. Not sure why, but right after Halloween, when the Muzak starts and the decorations go up, my spirits go way down. And they don’t recover until, well, I guess much of ever. But I continue to depress each Holiday Season, so I must recover somewhat at some point. Maybe Arbor Day.

This year I had NaNo to concentrate on and so I skipped a lot of the prelims, but it just seemed to hit all the harder come December 1st. I understand there’s even an excuse for this, called “Seasonal A[something] Disorder,” or SAD.

What I don’t understand is it’s not just depression, I seem to be feeling anger as well, which just isn’t right by any stretch of any thing.

Of course, being angry at Thera for issuing sonic blasts at 1:30 in the morning has nothing to do with the Holiday Season.


3 thoughts on “Yeah Holidays Whatever

  1. A lot of people feel that way. It’s perfectly understandable.

    Me, I tend to be a bit happier this time of year. A part of this is the getting of presents, but I also like to get presents for other people. Can’t explain it, really.

    The other months of the year I can suffer through funks without rhyme or reason. But it happens.

    There! A post with no grammatical gaffes! Just dozens of spelling errors! Hurray me!

  2. I tend to “jokingly” say, “this is what happens when you try to shoehorn a pagan holiday into Christianity”. Something is always a bit off. Adults are told to “feel the magic” of the holiday season as if they were still little children expecting Santa. How can anything live up to that? The holidays also tend to cause us to focus on the past which can sometimes be an excercise, for the subconscious, in noticing loss as well as gain. For me, this is the first Christmas without my dad (who passed away in April). Not a good time for my mom. Even so, over the last few years, I have become less “enchanted” with the trappings of holiday time. Getting old, I guess. (at least the food’s good and I do like giving gifts).

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