Ice Storm

Well, we’re having rather icy weather today. Had to chip my car out of ice around a quarter-inch thick. I hate winter.

Decided to gather up all my NaNoWriMo entries here and put them in order in an essay. Kind of makes interesting reading, mostly as a tally of my rising enthusiasm for the challenge.

Traditionally, there should be a third paragraph to most entries. This paragraph fulfills that function admirably. I’m thinking of giving it an award.


3 thoughts on “Ice Storm

  1. I like that third paragraph, too. An award would be most suitable. Let’s see, now. Hmmm. How about “The Honorable Prestigious Golden Award for Paragraph Self Awareness”. Yes, I kind of like that. I’ll be shipping that out to you in the morning.

  2. oh yeah, Third Paragraphs RULE!

    Don’t stress the post NANO blues babe, it’s usual. It took me a while before I could even THINK about creating another work of literary genius…. okay… so I didn’t create a work of literary genius to begin with…

    HOWEVER I do like pie.

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