NaNoWriMo – 29

Current Word Count: 58,505

Finished the revising bit, and wrote out a version of the Bad Guy’s Motivation Explanation that used all the notes I wanted to use. I think his motivation, and his missteps, are pretty well limned. There’s a good argument between him and my POV character. Though the work is a whole lot of talk, I kind of like it.

Now all I have to do is end it, which is kind of already done but needs to be shaped. For the record, my alcoholic secondary character lived after all. OH, and I also came up with a title. Didn’t have a title for the thing until just today. Funny how that works, eh? Sometimes a work searches for a title, other times a title searches for a story.

Woo Hoo, etc, brief spin of party noise-maker. I am not in a state of panic.

Effusive congratulations to FilthyRottenAngel and Cullen Waters for completing the NaNoWriMo journey. Henry, I’m sure you’re almost there and Kerry, next year you’re going to compete or I will, uh, hold my breath until I’m underwater. RVH ought to do one as well, but I sure wouldn’t want to read it.

Love on all of ya. More later, maybe.

UPDATE: “We are down to the wire folks, we are down to the wire.” I’m working on the last few paragraphs.


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – 29

  1. GO GO GO GO!

    Congrats on the belated title, dollface. I hope it’s better than mine “Daughter of the Cunning Sea, several stories of a serial killer.” could it BE any more lame?

  2. To be quite honest, Angel, your title sounds quite intriguing. I can imagine myself pausing as my finger moves over the books at the local B&N, and thinking, “Hmm. That sounds quite evocative.”

    Then pulling it off the shelf, slowly turning it over to run my eyes across the synopsis–

    Damn, I think I’m writing slash/fic!

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